About Us

The School of Leadership Studies long hoped to find a way to reconnect our ever-growing community of alumni leaders, and to re-engage with the energy and generative thinking that emerged with each cohort of the MA Leadership, MA Leadership-Health, and MA Leadership and Training programs.

In 2013 the School presented the Leadership Conference 2013: Advancing Leadership Practice & Possibility, as a venue to convene, reconnect, and keep learning. The conference was a great success, and brought together thought-leaders in the field of leadership, alumni practitioners and presenters, a number of the School's associate faculty, and other members the RRU community - past and present. We were also fortunate to attract many leadership practitioners, not formerly connected to the School or to RRU, from diverse sectors across the country and internationally. We saw ideas emerge and networks build, in addition to the valuable professional development take-a-ways offered at the conference. In response to the success and fun of 2013, the School presented Leadership Conference 2015: Leadership.Complex.World. Our goal was to deliver another highly relevant leadership event, comprehensively bridging scholarship and practice. We hope you enjoyed this second conference, where delegates not only learned but contributed at this leadership 'community of practice' event. 

The conference theme, Leadership Conference 2017: Diversity, Creativity, and Possibility, reflects the current era in Canada, where the importance of collaboration and reconciliation are increasingly recognized. What new and creative possibilities for leadership might emerge as we learn to live, work, and play together more harmoniously? How leaders respond to and act on questions and debates around diversity and inclusion are a key aspects of future leadership in Canada. For example, Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission provided 94 recommendations for all Canadians to consider in supporting meaningful Indigenous engagement at virtually all levels of Canadian society. In addition, recent amendments to Canada's Human Rights Act are advancing our understanding and protection of gendered identity and sexuality as a fundamental human right. The conference theme focuses on possibilities around how to collaborate in the face of ongoing inequities, how to engage with and learn alongside the next generation of leaders, and how to rectify and reverse the damage to the environment, so we can live together on this planet.

The conference will build on the 2015 theme, Leadership. Complex. World, and will address the extent to which increasing complexity and globalization intersect with this year's focus on diversity, creativity, and possibility.