Embodied Leadership: Creating Leadership Integrity Through Art & Movement (B4)

Workshop - 1:30PM to 2:45PM October 6, 2017 - Salt Spring

What might it mean for you in your leadership capacity to shift from old habitual ways of thinking to deeper levels of awareness that open possibility by shifting your attention and energy to a sensing experience within your body to unlock new wisdom and develop greater integrity?

"The greatest cost of the specialization of technological life - and out of which all other damages are birthed - is arguably our separation from the practical and enriching sense of ourselves as embodied beings. When we are alienated from the wisdom of the body, our lives become theoretical and abstract, and we are distanced from the direct, felt sense of living"  ( Richard Strozzi-Heckler ).  How many of you would even venture to admit that you are alienated from the wisdom of your body or believe that there is any benefit in exploring it further? Let's face it, you are working to capacity and coping. Given the magnitude of change that is happening around you, old habitual ways of thinking no longer cut it. Can you honestly afford to keep applying old ways of thinking to new complexities? Current research from the field of neuroscience shows that we have deeper levels of intelligence in our heart and in our gut ,beyond our cognitive mind. Given the opportunity, getting in touch with these has a capacity to expand our leadership "presence". Dive into developing and widening your leadership capacity and integrity through this experiential workshop using art and movement.