Keynote Speaker ( Carey Newman)

Carey Newman is a Kwagiulth artist, who under the influence and support of his father and mother, developed his artistic ability and cultural knowledge from an early age. Being of British and Kwagiulth/Salish descent, Carey has been able to draw upon each of these cultures for his inspiration. Finding ways to change and innovate without disregarding history is extremely important to him.

Carey was the master carver for the Cowichan 2008 Spirit Pole, his piece "Dancing Wind" was featured at the 2010 Olympic Games, and he is the owner of the Blue Raven Gallery in Sooke, BC, which showcases his jewelry, carving, totems, and artwork. Carey is also an accomplished pianist and singer who has performed with the Pacific Opera Victoria and at the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards.

Carey has created the Witness Blanket, a large installation made from pieces of residential schools, churches, government buildings, and cultural structures that are woven together in the form of a blanket. Left alone, these pieces may be forgotten, lost, buried, or worse - be uncomfortable reminders that leave painful impressions on the minds and hearts of those who recognize what they represent. Individually, they are paragraphs of a disappearing narrative. Together, they are strong and formidable, collectively recounting for future generations the true story of loss, strength, reconciliation and pride.