Leadership Focus (PCF1)

Vancouver Island Ballroom - East

In an era of unrelenting distractions, demands, and pressures, leaders now more than ever need to learn to sharpen focus in order to thrive in the complex world. Recent research suggests that as leaders move into more senior positions, their attention and social skills suffer. The hectic pace of leading appears to be contributing to greater stress, poorer focus, and reduced productivity. This course will utilize cutting-edge research to reveal how the ability to focus distinguishes "stars" from average performers. The course will assist leaders to not only to pay attention to what matters to them personally, but also to enhance their attention on building relationships and focus better on the pressing issues of their complex environment. The course will emphasize a "hands-on", practical application to help establish effective leadership skills to enhance focus and attention, and ultimately performance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover how the modern workplace contributes to distraction and poor performance.
  • Examine the link between attention, resilience, empathy and relationship building.
  • Learn how to cultivate focused awareness and minimize distractions.
  • Practice mindfulness, reflective practice, and communication techniques to enhance performance.