PANEL - Food Leadership: Leadership & Learning for Global Food Systems Transformation (B6)

Panel - 1:30PM to 2:45PM October 6, 2017 - Gabriola

Food. So much more than a human necessity, food is an entry point into culture, health, business, politics, science, the arts, poverty, land use, global trade, and more. From seed to table, issues related food create rich sites for learning and multiple opportunities for leadership. Although Food Leadership has recently gained a small foothold with the International Leadership Association, food is a relatively underexplored topic in the field of Leadership Studies.               

Derek will share lessons learned from working with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and food and agriculture sector on S. Vancouver Island to realize their desire for a local, thriving agri-cultural economy through a deliberate focusing and re-investment in social infrastructure, relationships, and trust. 

Drawing from her in-progress doctoral research and professional experiences, Vanessa will speak to the concept of food security and elaborate on the role that evaluation could play in better understanding the future of food security/food systems programs. 

Drawing from research findings, Ingrid will illustrate the potential of the wild food networks to act as catalysts for transformative learning.

Catherine will share emerging themes from her current edited book on this topic, as well as a 2015 special journal issue on Food and Adult Learning.