PANEL: Leading Diversity (A6)

Panel - 10:15AM to 11:45AM October 6, 2017 - Salt Spring

* Kerri Wall & Trisha Davison - Values-Based Community Leadership in Local Government: Despite appearances and the hierarchy of our society, governments don't actually lead - they follow. Change is initiated in the business, academic, and social sectors, and it's government's job to respond to change. Servant leadership is required at the local government level in order to support community goals.

* Kojo Damptey - Racial Justice: Moving towards a diverse world: This presentation will look at how the social construct of "race" plays a role in the lack of diversity and inclusion in leadership environments such as Canadian Universities, board rooms, government agencies and the private sector.

* Alice MacGillivray - Embedding Diversity in Leadership: Historically, leadership literature has minimized diversity.  Many theories and frameworks focus on single individuals with positional power.  Literature has emphasized alignment. This presentation focuses on new forms of leadership, which honour diversity.  

* Tim Carson - From the Boardroom to the Mechanical Room: Once relegated to the boardroom, leadership development is now having an impact in traditional trades education. This session will describe how values based leadership and appreciative practices are helping to re-frame what it means to be a leader in your trade, both locally and globally.