Polarity Management: Advancing Leadership Capacity in Complex Environments (PCA1)

Pender Island - North

When we consider the leadership challenges that we encounter as part of our leadership practice, they are rarely easily resolved. The challenges that find their way to our email inboxes are complex, can involve competing priorities, and are often longstanding challenges. This seminar will invite you to consider a framework that may be of service as you re-examine these challenges with the polarity management framework as a tool. Polarity management offers a strategic opportunity for re-examining our mental models and assumptions as they relate to the leadership and organizational challenges that we face. 

In the case of a polarity, Johnson (1996) offered, "Polarities to manage are sets of opposites which can't function well independently. Because the two sides of a polarity are interdependent, you cannot choose one as a 'solution' and neglect the other.The objective of the Polarity Management perspective is to get the best of both opposites while avoiding the limits of each" (p.xviii). This workshop will invite you to consider the opportunities to consider and reconsider the leadership and organizational challenges you experience and assess whether one or more of these challenges might be reframed using polarity management.