Presenter (Dr. Melissa Finn)

Department of Political Science/ Balsillie School of International Affairs University of Waterloo

Dr. Melissa Finn's research intersects ethnic studies, political sociology, citizenship studies, human geography, development studies, and frequently critical terrorism studies in relation to (youth) activism and political subjectivities in Canada, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Kenya. Dr. Finn is an accomplished scholar with a versatile research, teaching, and consultancy background who brings her fourteen years of experience examining citizenship mobilization and ethnic minority political agency to the topic.

Finn's involvement in the Canadian Arab youth project has included direct planning and execution of focus groups, survey distribution and collection, and presentation at multiple conferences around the world. Finn has published in, or is in the process of publishing in Citizenship Studies, the Journal for Deradicalization, International Political Sociology, Canadian Political Science Review, the Journal for International Migration and Integration (JIMI), the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, and Critical Studies on Terrorism.