Presenter ( Glenys Jenkyns)

Island Health

Glenys is a frontline nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Victoria General Hospital, as well as an associate coach with Integral Coaching Canada in the areas of empowerment and self-compassion. Research during her graduate studies in leadership at Royal Roads University engaged members of an interprofessional healthcare team, who shared in dialogue about collaboration, shared leadership, and empowerment at the frontline.  Findings revealed a reinforcing relationship between empowering individual paradigm shifts and collective change. Along with neonatology, her clinical background includes Medical Teaching, Adult Intensive Care and Neurology.  Glenys's undergraduate work includes Health Sciences, Neurosciences and Nursing. Through her clinical and academic endeavors, Glenys has become increasingly interested in the power of conversations that leverage how we see our roles in the world and how we can enhance our sense of empowerment by owning our voice and honouring the voices of others.