Presenter ( Michael Cowan)

Royal Roads University Graduate - MA Global Leadership

Michael Cowan is scholar practitioner who graduated from RRU's Global Leadership program in 2017. Michael has worked at Vancouver's Downtown Community Court as Jr. Project Analyst since 2010 and prior to that was a Victim Service Caseworker, supporting families of missing and murdered women during the appeal process for the Regina v Pickton trial. His career before Government was focused on international development, and non-formal cross cultural education with CUSO and Canada World Youth; and community development with the Vancouver Pride Society and independent consulting. He has lived and worked in Indonesia for three years, and has been a speaker at conferences in Cuba and Chile while with CUSO, Auckland and San Francisco while with the Vancouver Pride Society, and recently Ecuador with the RRU Global Leadership Program. His current focus of research is on Procedural Justice and interests include the connections between addictions, mental health and homelessness.