Session Formats

We know from experience that a high number of concurrent session choices can be overwhelming!  We hope this outline of session formats, accompanied by "at a glance" daily schedules and detailed session descriptions, will help you understand more about the differences, themes, and approaches of each offered session.  We encourage you to stretch your boundaries and attend sessions that may be outside your comfort zone - you might be surprised at how different presentation styles can offer content that is still relevant and applicable to you in your leadership journey!

Panel Discussion

Presentations and/or informal discussions on a topic by two or more people with contrasting or complimentary points of view will be organized thematically.  Participants will be invited to comment on themes emerging from the presentations. Time will be held to encourage audience conversation and questions.

Pecha Kucha

This is a newer format that allows presenters to engage the audience with a quick (6 minute and 40 second) presentation on their topic of choice. PechaKucha presentations will follow a specific format of 20 slides set to a timer of 20 seconds per slide.  Presentations will run back to back and will be grouped thematically.  The audience will be invited to comment on emerging themes and time will be held to encourage audience conversation and questions. Examples can be found here.


Experiential in nature, workshops offer strong case study content, practical application/tips, originality, and creativity.  Facilitators will share their cutting edge expertise and engage the audience in a 60- or 90-minute authentic, challenging learning experience that will experientially demonstrate the link between leadership ideas, concepts, or theories and practice.  Half or more of the time will be spent on experiential learning and active audience participation focused on learning a new skill or technique.  Creativity and innovation in the delivery of leadership concepts, including use of arts-based media, can be expected.