SOLD OUT! The Dark Side of Leadership: Mining for Gold in the Shadows (C2)

Experiential Workshop - 3:00PM to 4:30PM October 6, 2017 - Galiano

"Shadow" is often associated with politician-leaders enacting our worst nightmares, but Jung coined this term in reference to us all. Each of us has disavowed, unconscious aspects overshadowing and stunting our full potential. To become whole, we must bring these necessary dark elements to light and reclaim our lost gold. 

In childhood, family, school, church and culture help determine what is and is not acceptable, and we tend to bury those aspects or qualities that don't fit our "New Year's Resolution Self". Carl Jung called this our "shadow", comprising repressed energies that strangle our true natures until we reclaim that lost (and unexpressed) vitality rather than project it onto others.  As those called to lead, we have an obligation to identify our blind spots and learn about these shadowy aspects of ourselves (and we usually have plenty of opportunity to do so!).  Begin the necessary befriending (and reclaiming) process required for integration (and maturation) through an introduction to practices that illuminate scapegoating, projection and transference, and individuation.  Find out what poet and author Robert Bly meant  when he ecouraged us to "eat our own shadow" and in effect, learn to become a more intelligent, more calm, authentic leader.