SOLD OUT! Leading Through Conflict: Increasing Conflict Management Competence in Leaders (A2)

Experiential Workshop - 10:15AM to 11:45AM October 6, 2017 - Galiano

Managing a diverse group of employees is a complex and often challenging task. Conflicts come and go, some more and some less impactful on the overall work environment.  When conflicts escalate, leaders can find themselves in the role of a mediator and having to find the right balance between their formal positions and generating a healthy work environment. Understandably, the time and energy spent dealing with employee conflict can be significant, requiring conflict competence and specific skills.  Workplaces in conflict look for leadership - and leaders are not always able to deliver.  This experiential workshop provides an overview of leading practices to address workplace conflict and generate healthy work environments.  This includes mediation for managers, simple steps to walk through workplace conflict, and exploring organizational peer mediation.  Most significantly, the workshop engages participants in a hands-on fashion to explore and practice how they can 'lead through conflict' and contribute to further enhancing healthy workplaces.  This includes a series of skills focused injects, capacity-building through short roleplays, fish bowls to explore options, and debrief and sharing of leading practices.    Participants take away concrete understanding of leading through conflict, options to support healthy work environments, and leading practices related to conflict competent leadership.