SOLD OUT! Liberating the Elephant in the Room: Innovative Solutions (B2)

Experiential Workshop - 1:30PM to 2:45PM October 6, 2017 - Pender North

Exercising an experiential lens, this workshop presents opportunity for participants to engage in creative deconstruction as a means of 'giving voice to the elephant in the room.' Using a TRIZ Liberating Structures approach, participants will collaboratively deconstruct a shared reality, in order to create space for new ideas and innovation to flood forth. 

As a leader are you finding conventional approaches related to staff/team engagement don't seem to be producing the desired outcomes/results you sense are possible? Do you observe that negativity and frustration tend to hamper ways of seeking creative, innovative solutions? If so, you may be interested in trying a Liberating Structures approach, designed to '...introduce tiny shifts in the way we meet, plan, decide and relate to one another. They put the innovative power once reserved for experts only, in hands of everyone.'   Source:

One of 33 innovative Liberating Structures, TRIZ (the Russian word for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), encourages participants to de-construct current reality by acknowledging the elephant in the room. Creativity and transparency tend to flow more freely when the elephant is given its voice. Although counter-intuitive, this collaborative TRIZ exercise encourages participants to pursue creative deconstruction that supports letting go of past fears and elephants, and creating space for new innovative possibilities and solutions to emerge.