SOLD OUT! Systems Thinking: It's More Than Just Thinking (A5)

Experiential Workshop - 10:15AM to 11:45AM October 6, 2017 - Pender North

Systems thinking moves us beyond reductionism, and yet reductionism continues to haunt our thinking.  This interactive session will focus on very clear and actionable considerations that invite the holistic ideals of systems thinking to influence our behaviours and patterns of decision-making, ultimately benefitting our organizations and communities.

While the principles of systems thinking are becoming more popular in our Canadian organizations, communities, and organizational literature, they seem to have had little impact on behaviour and patterns of decision-making.  One very possible reason for this apparent disconnect is our tendency towards reductionist thinking even while espousing holistic views.  Building an understanding of systems thinking through reductionist approaches only serves to reinforce doing things the way we've always done them.  And yet to respond to an increasingly complex world, we need enhanced levels of diversity, creativity, and possibility.  That means thinking differently.  But letting go of old patterns is hard work.  An abundance of research supports the notion that we will strive to fit new knowledge into the familiar parameters of old knowledge, often negating the value of the new.  This session will illuminate and explore a new and holistic model that brings the holistic ideals of systems thinking to a practical level that can inform new behaviours, new approaches to leadership, and new ways of being in our complex world.  The session will be fun, interactive, and potentially even game-changing, even if just a little bit.