Uncovering, Working with and Unleashing the Why! Values Based Leadership and You (C1)

Experiential Workshop - 3:00PM to 4:30PM October 6, 2017 - Pender North

In today's world, demands are high, the world moves quickly and leaders need to respond to opportunity and challenge. Participants will learn the latest in values-based leadership, identify their values, apply them to leadership situations and learn how others would also approach their leadership. 

As the speed and pace of change continues to accelerate, values play an increasingly important role. Leaders operating from core values can create space to nurture the leader within as they serve the common good of the many communities in their sphere of responsibility.

Rather than choosing one or the other, Wheatley (2005) offered guidance on the power of both-and thinking: "Life requires the honoring of its two great needs, not one. In seeking to be a community member, we cannot abandon our need for self-expression" (pp. 48-49). Greater possibilities exist within values-based leadership to honour self and other, rather than one at the expense of self, or self at the expense of other (Page, 2016).

Patrick McCarthy (as cited in Sipe & Frick, 2009) said, "A relationship is everything. It's a heart experience. Most companies are head experiences - bean counters are running them. When the heart is running them, it becomes exciting" (p. 167).

Join us as we explore building sustainable values-based leadership capacity, personal mastery, and sustaining ourselves as we navigate the inevitable challenges associated with leadership.