A different kind of conference for a different kind of leadership

This year we are trying something new. Rather than hosting our traditional leadership conference, we are hosting an immersive change laboratory experience that puts YOU, and a leadership challenge/opportunity you are facing, at the centre of your learning.

All conference participants will be organized into hives--small groups of people who are working on similar leadership challenges/opportunities. Each hive will have a host to help guide them through a series of conversations and experiential activities.

Over the two days, you will move through the principles of sensing, presencing, and realizing with your hive. Plenary dialogues and workshops will help to explore new and/or different perspectives and develop practical skills and knowledge to inspire innovation and change.

Throughout the conference, participants will be invited to share practical wisdom and skills with other participants through short presentations, facilitated conversations, creative contributions (e.g. poetry, drumming, music, singing), ice-breakers or energizers, and experiential activities.

At the end of the conference, we hope you leave with deepened connections with leaders at all levels, and that you feel energized to take action to pollinate change in your work and in your life.


The change laboratory format we are following goes by different names with different nuances in different communities. If you would like to learn more, here are some resources: