LEADS and Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare: A Beautiful Relationship (E3)

Experiential Workshop - 11:00AM to 12:15PM October 7, 2017 - Gabriola

Contemporary healthcare teams are extremely complex. With differing beliefs, values, customs, traditions, and first languages of team members it is more difficult than ever to be an effective team leader. What are the skills needed by team leaders to lead in this complex environment? For far too long healthcare training and education has over focused on technical skills leaving hospital and healthcare workers lacking in team leadership skills. Join Andrea Reibmayr, MAL, CEC, ACC, CHE and David Cory, MA as they explore the concept of emotional intelligence, it's critical connection to the LEADS framework and demonstrate how it creates the foundation upon which effective team leadership for the 21st century is developed. You will gain a better understanding of the critical connection between emotional intelligence and the LEADS framework and how together, they are the answer to developing team leadership for today's complex healthcare environment.