PANEL: Building Global Competencies Through Applied Projects (C6)

Panel - 3:00PM to 4:30PM October 6, 2017 - Hornby

Students in the MA in Global Leadership program engaged in capstone projects to enhance global leadership competencies and to make a difference to a sponsor organization or community. In this panel, seven students will speak about their experiences and how it contributed to their growth and development as global leaders. 

Global Leadership is the capacity to lead and support oneself, others, organizations, communities, and complex systems in ways that enhance the well-being of communities and the planet, both today and in the future. An orientation to diversity and global citizenship is fundamental to an understanding of global leadership and allows one to recognize and value the multiple and evolving ways of being, doing, and knowing. Global leadership acknowledges that all communities are global and interconnected. Global leaders are guided by principles of mindfulness and compassion and work to promote dignity, humanity, and justice for all.  In this panel, students in the MA in Global Leadership describe their projects and how it contributed to their development as globally minded leaders. Speakers include:

* Erin Dixon: Erin's project was a documentary video on the Star Blanket Project.  Through this project she acquired wisdom as a leader exploring the responsibility and gift of awakening the Spirit of Place in transcending paradigms in Turtle Island, in an ultimate view of reconciliation, regenerativity and the celebration of a deeper voice for aboriginal peoples. 
* Sandra Dennis: Sandra's project engaged Ecuadorian Special Forces Personnel in conversations on leadership. Her global mindset was challenged by the need to shift her thought processes from those of a white, English speaking Canadian female with a health care background to that of a Hispanic, Spanish speaking Latin-American group of men in the armed forces. 
* Lorna Callbeck:  Lorna's project on  'Strengthening Individual and Organizational Cultural Competence' allowed her to dig deeper into culture and cultural understandings championing a way of being, connecting academic concepts to practical applications reinforcing my ways of knowing, while building a solid visibility platform to support clients and grow her business. 
* Robyn Levy: Robyn's project engaged staff of Mercy Corps, an International NGO, in a three day workshop to achieve greater collaboration and partnership with external and internal stakeholders. This project challenged her to understand the importance of big picture thinking and the intricacies of working cross-culturally in a sector dominated by multiple and diverging priorities. 
* Michael Cowan: Michael's project on Procedural Justice at Vancouver's Downtown Community Court . Justice leader addressed issues of inclusion, marginalization, and diversity; global leadership principles that address racial bias and inequality in marginalized communities.
* Laura Wright: Laura's play-based participatory action research project explored the interplay between play, leadership and meaningful child and youth participation and engagement in decision-making processes in their lives.  Laura  integrated learning from the MAGL program and her international work in play to delve into team and systems thinking leadership  in  collaboration with children, youth and adults where  multiple and evolving ways of being, doing and knowing were valued. 
* Susie Colby: Susie's project was the development of a framework for international internships for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.  Through a series of interviews, the importance of deep relationships emerged as not merely a benefit or contributor to co-creation of a program, but as a foundational element.