PECHA KUCHA - Diversity, Creativity, & Possibility (D5)

Pecha Kucha - 9:00AM to 10:30AM October 7, 2017 - Gabriola

* Justin Robinson - Enacting a New Breed of Sustainability Leadership: Integral Without Borders, a nonprofit registered in BC, helps change agents apply Integral Metatheory to design and conduct interventions in the field of International Development. This presentation chronicles an action research project undertaken by its stakeholders to reimagine what sustainability leadership is, and what it could be, in today's moment.

* Angela de Burger -Grassroots to Global: The Impact of Community Based Leadership: Innovative, passionate and committed to making our world better - this is the leadership of the charitable sector.  This session will discuss the YMCA`s focus on creating opportunities for shared leadership. 

* Maria Anderson - How Leadership Fosters Thriving and Innovative Idea Generation in Information Technology Departments: As an IT professional, is your department innovative and thriving? Due to disruptive and innovative change in the IT industry, the profession has become fragmented; many technology professionals are struggling to find their work meaningful and innovative. How might IT departments thrive as a collective, supporting individuals to thrive?

* Amanda Dell'Aquila - Self Leadership with Soul: Have a soulful aspiration that you keep putting on the back burner? Find out how mindfulness can help you tap into your greatness and help to create positive change in a world that needs you.

* Christian Cook - Give Phenomenology a Chance ... The Case for Storytelling to Learn about Leaders: By employing diverse lenses to leaders and leadership development we may enhance our abilities to better understand both.  One method to access the rich information leaders hold is to capture their lived experiences through the qualitatve research tradition of phenomenology.