This year we are trying something new. Rather than hosting our traditional leadership conference, we are hosting an immersive change laboratory experience that puts YOU, and a leadership challenge/opportunity you are facing, at the centre of your learning.

Check out our hands-on conference schedule:

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Key Conference Takeaways

  • New insights and specific strategies on the current strategic initiatives, leadership challenge/opportunities, priorities and/or projects you are facing

  • Hands-on experience with a concrete change model for working through intractable challenges and wicked problems;

  • Skills and knowledge for working in volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) environments;

  • Practices for developing personal and organizational resilience, greater self-awareness, and mastery as leaders;

  • Tools for sparking creativity and innovation in multiple settings;

  • Applying theory to practice in systems change, complexity theory, and design thinking;

  • Two full days of mentorship in a small group setting with a world-class facilitator and leadership expert; and,

  • Access to a multi-sectoral network of leaders, with the potential to build lifelong partnerships.