SOLD OUT! Crowd Sourcing Social and Political Acumen (E2)

Experiential Workshop - 11:00AM to 12:15PM October 7, 2017 - Salt Spring

Globalization and Social Media have dramatically changed the way leaders interact with each other, their followers and the organizations they serve.  This session will explore the diverse knowledge and skills around social and political acumen required by leaders to effectively collaborate and transcend borders. 

Whether you are a leader, or interested in developing leaders, this workshop will create a dialogue around political and social acumen in a modern and diverse world and support participants to leverage this knowledge in their dynamic leadership practice.

Political acumen is the ability to effectively and seamlessly use the knowledge of structures and relationships to leverage results.  Social acumen is the ability to effectively communicate and foster dynamic relationships.

In a world without borders, where relationships are often grown and lost over social media, leaders must be able to intuitively consider internal and external structures, relationships and modern influences and take action to leverage their global relationships to advance an agenda that is meaningful to them and their vested stakeholders.

This can be challenging given the shifting dynamics of human relationships and the pace of change across all industries.  However, there are some constants, which include the value of authentic leadership, the capacity to build trust, and the capacity to create meaning.

Participants in this interactive workshop will explore the value of tapping into collective consciousness by interacting with their peers and exploring the characteristics of social and political acumen.