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Julian is a perennially curious guide and educator who has spent much of his life learning what it takes to cultivate our unique potential and...

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I am excited to be a hive host because of the opportunity to practice different ways of building community, working, and learning together.

I work at the intersection of Leadership Development and Mindfulness training.  For 20 years, Theory-U has helped me introduce and explore this important connection.

As hive host, I am excited to learn how this iterative and organic approach may have alignment with Indigenous ways of knowing, learning, sharing knowledge and storytelling.

I am excited to be a Hive Host as this dynamic, emergent dialogue format lends itself to bringing forward our best, most creative and outrageous ideas in order to tackle the multiple complex and seemingly intractable leadership issues facing us today.

I'm excited to be a hive host! I see our conference as the embodiment of both "leadership as engagement" and an "orientation to possibility," two of our school principles. The hive model is an innovative update to our conference and our leadership practices as a school! 

I'm thrilled to host a hive's unfolding of its embodied intelligence and its poetic calling of a new world into being. This is the vulnerable, hopeful, "whole-creature" learning we need now.

What a fantastic opportunity to explore connections, dive deep into ideas and explore challenges that are important to participants.  I'm keen to make the most of this process!

I'm excited to be a hive host because I strongly believe that by liberating the collective wisdom of diverse open-minded people we can help make the world a better place.

I am a conflict engagement specialist who is passionate about bringing people together and focuses on increasing conflict competence and promoting constructive conflict engagement through transformative learning spaces.

I believe engagement and connected relationships are the foundation of good leadership. The hive model excites me; it encourages curiosity and emergence of collaborative communities focused on leading positive change.

As I step into this innovative and courageous laboratory, I am invigorated to be a point of connection in sharing space for a different design for leadership and learning.

I am very excited to experience a new format at the Leadership Conference! The 'hive' concept will allow us to cross-pollinate ideas and to find new ways to explore and practice leadership in these extraordinary times.

I'm a host at heart and love to help and learn. I bring experience in public sector innovation and I'm keen to dig into what leadership of today looks like.

Alice is excited to be a hive host.  She has written about metaphors from nature in papers and chapters.  Her dissertation highlighted "cross-pollination" for learning and innovating in complex systems.  

There is nothing I enjoy more than the challenge of audacious system changes. I revel in collaboratively disrupting outdated models and honoring and implementing the wisdom of Indigenous knowledge. Let's disrupt together.

Being a hive host is an honor to support the way we may come to see purpose and solutions, how we connect, can choose to take action, and act collectively.