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Julian is a perennially curious guide and educator who has spent much of his life learning what it takes to cultivate our unique potential and...

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Dr. Gloria J. Burgess is a leadership catalyst, speaker, author, executive coach, artist, mentor, and designer of unique, innovative learning...

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As the visionary and founder of the Raven Institute, she sees connected hearts, minds, and hands in a united and thriving nation - contributing to...

I'm looking forward to pushing the boundaries of how we come together, and having my own thinking pushed in terms of how we co-design solutions alongside community.

We are in extraordinary times and I am excited to be a part of this fabulous RRU's 2020 leadership conference as a Hive Host.  The conference invites innovation, excites the explorer in us and above all taps into the leader in all of us. BEE great - BEE there!

As someone who works in the fields of public service and social innovation, I see how these challenging and extra-ordinary times require a different kind of leadership. This is why I will be participating.

I'm thrilled to be part of the conference! This approach invites us into spontaneity and innovation, creating new awareness, connections and ultimately an emergent future. Wow! I am looking forward to hiving, hosting, creating and learning alongside all.

I am endlessly curious about how people can catalyze meaningful, creative change through their work. I look forward to being a hive host, and exploring the questions that are most pressing to those attending.