Vision That Leads: Building a Culture of Inclusion Based on Feminine Models of Leadership (D1)

Experiential Workshop - 9:00AM to 10:30AM October 7, 2017 - Pender North

Women continue to confront barriers and limitations in the workplace. This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to learn more about challenges to gender diversity in the workplace, problem solve the particular challenges they may be facing, and generate creative strategies for building a culture of inclusion. 

We know that a shift to a "post-heroic" more inclusive leadership model (Minnich, 1990) leads to better business outcomes and overall work satisfaction (Gerzman and D'Antonio, 2013). However, the root conceptual problem that practitioners of more 'feminine' or inclusive leadership models face is that Western knowledge arises out of the assumption that it is logical and natural to divide all beings into 'kinds' whose immutable characteristics as a class are already given and determined by some non-historical, non-human authority (Platonic forms, gods, Nature, etc.) (p. 25). This root conceptual belief in the naturalness of hierarchies legitimates and is legitimated as a cultural system of domination. Developing the capacity to reconcile the values of security, certainty and power with the values of inclusion, diversity and equality is the new leadership challenge. Designing a leadership model of inclusion demands creativity in order to imagine new ways of interacting and leading, and creativity in designing communications that express, enact, and reinforce these integrative and inclusive values. Sustaining an inclusive model and culture demands coaching and practice.