Why Attend?

We are leading in extraordinary times. Times like no other: technologically, socially, politically, economically, and environmentally. Times of great peril and times of great possibility. As leaders, the challenges/opportunities we face are increasingly complex, multi-faceted, and interconnected. 

This conference is for leaders at all levels who feel called to do things differently. You might be a senior executive grappling with culture change in your organization, an academic exploring leadership development, or an emerging leader striving to bring attention to the climate crisis. This conference is an opportunity to break down imaginary silos; bring together leaders from diverse sectors, roles, and levels; and foster new collaborations to facilitate change in our world.  

You will be in an immersive change laboratory experience for the two full days, exploring the leadership challenge/opportunity that you bring, and engaging with others working on similar topics to inspire innovation and change.

  • Discover New Skills, Concepts, and Mindsets: Buzz around new skills, concepts, and mindsets through an immersive, experiential, hands-on co-laboratory.

  • Expand Your Leadership Network: Engage with a powerful hive by connecting with conference participants who share your focus, passion, and energy!

  • Cross-Pollinate Ideas: Tap into the collective intelligence of the hive to share ideas, insights, and perspectives with a team of leaders facing similar topics.

  • Prototype Possibilities: Individually and collectively generate possibilities to address your leadership challenge/opportunity.

  • Inspire Meaningful Change: Creatively inspire meaningful change in (y)our world.

At the end of the conference, we hope you leave with deepened connections with leaders at all levels, and that you feel energized to take action to pollinate change in your work and in your life. 

Key Conference Takeaways

  • Hands-on experience with a concrete change model for working through intractable challenges and wicked problems;
  • Skills and knowledge for working in volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) environments;
  • Practices for developing personal and organizational resilience, greater self-awareness, and mastery as leaders;
  • Tools for sparking creativity and innovation in multiple settings;
  • Applying theory to practice in systems change, complexity theory, and design thinking;
  • Two full days of mentorship in a small group setting with a world-class facilitator and leadership expert; and,
  • Access to a multi-sectoral network of leaders, with the potential to build lifelong partnerships.

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